Simple freight elevator/hydraulic lift platform QSJY2-4B

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1 Overview

     The QSJY2-4B type simple freight elevator body is welded by section steel. In order to ensure the safe use of the lift, it is specially equipped with double chain lifting. It has simple operation, stable operation, low noise and strong applicability.

2 Purpose

     This equipment is suitable for the transportation of goods up and down in warehouses, workshops, industrial parks, household villas and other places.

3 Technical parameters

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4 Device Details

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5 Equipment advantages

1. High-precision hydraulic transmission, stable lifting, simple operation and low failure rate;

2. High-strength chain pull, long service life without extension, and large safety factor;

3. Double chain lifting makes lifting safer and more reliable;

4. The screw can be adjusted to ensure the level of the platform and the smooth lifting of the car;

5. Large-capacity pumping station, fast lifting speed and low running sound;

6. Passed the EU CE certification;

7. Passed the national 9001 quality system certification

8. The product has the type test report issued by the national hoisting organization;

9. The company has a three-in-one special equipment production license;

10. The product is underwritten by the People's Insurance Company of China.

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6 Handling Precautions

1. The lift must be operated by specially trained personnel;

2. During the lifting and lowering of the lift, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the top and bottom of the equipment;

3. Before the vehicle is lowered, all items under the pallet must be removed;

4. Keep the working environment clean;

5. In case of failures that cannot be handled, the factory and the factory's special distribution points should be notified in time to be maintained by professionals.

7 Warranty period and after-sales service response

1. Warranty period: The equipment will be guaranteed for one year free of charge for the equipment purchased by the buyer from the date of acceptance and signature, and the supplier shall be responsible for all expenses incurred during the free warranty period. (Excluding damage caused by human factors and other force majeure, etc.).

2. Solving equipment problems after the warranty period expires: The supplier provides lifetime maintenance services for the equipment sold. After the free warranty period expires, only the cost of equipment maintenance will be charged.

3. Service response: From the time the equipment is found to the time it is notified to our company, our company will respond within 1 hour after receiving the fault call, and send technicians to the site for maintenance within 48 hours, and guarantee to solve it within 12 hours question.