Qingdao Aofu Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1978, specializing in the R&D, production and sales of cart lifts, car lifts and freight elevators. In September 2016, it was listed in Qingdao Blue Ocean Equity Exchange Center, equity transaction code: 800529.

The factory covers an area of 38,000 square meters, with a construction area of 18,000 square meters; modern production workshops, good working environment; the enterprise has special equipment production license, 9001, CE, product inspection and testing certificate, product inspection report and other qualifications; has independent More than 20 patented technologies. The main products are cart lifts, trench lifts, movable tire lifts, four-post lifts, floor lifts and freight elevators and other mechanical casting products. The company produces mechanical large-tonnage lifts. He floor lifts are the first in China to fill the gap in the industry; among them, mechanical large-tonnage lifts are the blueprint for the industry, and Aofu's "QJ" series lifts have won the National New Product Award for many times.

Qingdao Aofu is a director unit of China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry Association, and has been rated as a national-level AAA-level credit enterprise, a tax-paying AAA-level enterprise, a China automobile maintenance integrity enterprise, an outstanding member of the automobile maintenance industry, and the automobile maintenance industry development achievement award. China Auto Maintenance Industry Service Excellence Award, Auto Aftermarket Influential Brand Award, etc.; the company pays attention to technological innovation, and has successively won the third prize for national transportation enterprise management modernization innovation achievements and the first prize for innovation achievements in the auto maintenance industry issued by the Ministry of Communications; Qingdao specializing in special new products and other honors. On May 10, 2019, on China Brand Day, our company, as the representative of Chinese brands and the only brand representative of the Auto Maintenance Industry Association, landed on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, USA, to show the power of Chinese brands to the world. In 2020, it will be awarded the "High-tech Enterprise" in Qingdao, and in 2021, it will be recognized as a "National Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise".

Qingdao Aofu adheres to the management concept of "rigorous, efficient, collaborative and enterprising" and the corporate tenet of "unity, hard work, integrity, dedication and innovation", and has a high-quality R&D, management and sales team; its products are sold all over the country All over the country, and exported to the United States, Russia, Europe and other countries and regions, it is favored and widely praised by domestic and foreign markets, and has a leading position in the auto maintenance industry. After more than 40 years of wind and rain, more than 40 years of market tempering, Aofu, who has entered the age of no confusion, is full of high spirits and high fighting spirit! Hundreds of boats compete for thousands of sails, and a new journey begins with wind and water. Only when the land is wide and the road is wide can you gallop vertically and horizontally, and pursue your dreams with ease! Aofu people will make unremitting efforts, look at the world, and move forward to a century-old enterprise.

  • 1978Year

    Founded in 1978, the company is a professional scale enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

  • 100+

    Become a cooperative brand of more than 100 commercial vehicle manufacturers

  • 36000+

    The factory covers an area of 36,000 square meters

  • 100+

    Exports to more than 100 countries,Professional engineers provide the design solutions free of charge




Won the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate"


Landing on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, USA


Won the "Specialized and Special New Product Award"


Successfully listed


Renamed as "Qingdao Aofu Machinery Co., Ltd."


Renamed as "Qingdao Aofu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd."


Research and development of electrical testing equipment


Assessed as a blueprint


New Product Award


Rapid development


Cooperation with Qingdao Hardware Machine Power Plant



Rigorous, efficient, collaborative, enterprising

Since 1978, where there is a car, there is Aofu

  • Scale

    The factory covers an area of 38,000 square meters, with a construction area of 18,000 square meters and more than 150 employees

  • Products

    The market share of cart lift products is high, and it maintains close relations with bus passenger transport units in various provinces and cities across the country and more than 80% of commercial vehicle manufacturers

  • Equipment

    Filling the gap in the industry, greatly improving the space utilization rate, maintaining cooperative relations with many brand 4S stores, the products are sold all over the country and overseas, and truly solve the problem of urban space utilization

  • Qualification

    Possess A-level manufacturing qualification for special equipment; passed the national hoisting mechanism test; directly underwritten by PICC; CE EU international certification; national 9001 quality system certification

  • Response

    There are sales personnel and distributors in all regions, who respond in a timely manner; special personnel come to the door to plan the venue for free, product delivery to the door, one-stop service

  • After sales

    Free door-to-door installation after sale, training and use and common fault problem solving, life-long after-sales service; solve worries

After Sales


Full service fast quality and efficient

In order to better provide our customers with fast, high-quality and efficient after-sales service, Qingdao Aofu Machinery Co., Ltd. has formulated the following after-sales service terms

  • The warranty period

    1.Warranty:1 year (During the one-year warranty period, we shall provide spare parts free of charge if they are damaged by non-human factors, while the buyer shall bear the freight. If some electrical parts are damaged, please do not remove it from the equipment, take pictures on the whole device. That will help us identify the cause of non-human factors. )

    2. After the product is installed and commissioned, the customer and the local dealer installation personnel will sign the acceptance form (including a copy of the product warranty card).

    3. Lifetime maintenance (the warranty period is borne by the user)

    After-sales service

    Anyone who needs our company to provide accessories or dispatch technicians to on-site service must fax it to our after-sales service department in writing, otherwise it will not be processed. Anyone who misrepresents or misrepresents the fault will not be accepted.

    Technical advisory services

    Our company provides free technical consulting services to dealers and customers after the product is sold. For various technical problems encountered during the use of the product, our company will provide an effective solution through remote guidance.

  • After-sales service warranty

    1. for free replacement of parts due to product quality problems.

    2. According to the national regulations, the following conditions are not covered by the free warranty, our company will charge:

    Construction was not carried out according to the requirements of our company's site;

    Improper use or failure to follow the instructions of the User Manual;

    Failures beyond the free warranty period specified by the equipment;

    After the equipment fails, it has a service relationship with the maintenance unit not designated by our company without the consent of our company and regional distributors;

    Other faults caused by self-change or repair;

    Failure caused by accidents such as fires, floods, earthquakes, lightning strikes, gas explosions, etc.;

    Damage caused by man-made and irresistible forces;

    3.When the product fails due to the identification result, the company will first negotiate with the dealer and the user. If the negotiation fails, the authoritative quality and technical supervision department will give the appraisal, and the appraisal result shall prevail. Party bears.

  • Requirements for dealers

    1. Local distributors should give customers timely pre-sales guidance. Customers and installation training personnel should carefully read the relevant product specifications of the company and strictly follow the instructions in the manual for construction and installation operations.

    2. Dealers and their installation and commissioning personnel must understand the performance of our company's products and their installation precautions, and provide training to customers on product use and maintenance after installation and commissioning. Through training, operators can independently use our products.